Chuck’s Portfolio Designs

This is a shortened Summary Version of my Designs:

I wouldn't consider this a sufficient format for a student's 10 Designs, but it's useful as a guide for the diversity of designs that might go into a student's portfolio, and some of the pieces of evidence that might be useful in documenting a portfolio entry.

Seven Trees - high end residential garden

Old Mill - apprentice run farm

My old Bainbridge Island backyard garden

My old Bainbridge Island Community Beach garden

PDC 10-10 - Previous PDC I taught at Old Mill Farm

Bay Hay and Feed Workshop Series - 2011

PDC Competencies

Transition Economics Book - A proposal to Chelsea Green

Kumu Aina Permaculture School - Design on Kauai

Kumu Aina Permaculture School - Design on Maui

Damanhur Permaculture School

One Song Farm

Wai Koa Village Development

Lokahi Community

My Personal Learning Plan (PLP)

Port Townsend Local Currency

Anderson Farm

Hedda Community Gardens

Ola Hanua Production Garden

Bios Design Consultancy

Yurt Tadilact Conversion

Utopian Heart Webinar Course

Cascadia Permaculture Institute

Port Townsend Ecovillage PDC

Frog Hill Permaculture Nursery

Patti's Farm

Kim Farm

M&E Farm

Bainbridge Graduate Institute Accreditation Design

Old Bios Design Residential Jobs:

  • James Residence
  • Dunn Residence
  • Paulsen Residence
  • Treehouse Restaurant
  • Winsome Farm
  • Nickum Residence
  • Dulanie Residence
  • Rice Residence
  • Laurie's Restaurant
  • Fordyce Residence
  • Megan - Matt Residence
  • Ringenberg Residence
  • Jason-Leslie Residence
  • Grover Blueberry Farm
  • Mancado Residence