Kumu Aina Permaculture School

Permaculture Diploma

A two-year live in Permaculture Diploma program.

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School Description

Kumu Aina (Land as Teacher) is a Kipahulu Valley two-year sustainable agriculture training program. continue.


Pedagogy and Philosophy of Education 

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  • Connects Valley residents, including farmers, consumers and land-owners desiring greater food production on their land.
  • Increased quantity and quality of the farm labor force in the Valley, using a fair trade model of real learning in exchange for labor.
  • Work force development for new sustainable agriculture farmers and entrepreneurs producing local products from the land – contributing to the Local Living Economy.
  • A replicable, low-cost economic agriculture development model.
  • Integrates and promotes traditional Hawaiian Sustainable Farming methods and culture (food, etc.) into the larger public.
  • Greater local fresh, healthy food production and food security for all in the Valley.